Nannies/Caregivers On Call Services

Heritage Nanny offers On Call services for parents going on a date night or going on a formal/company functions, Nanny /Caregiver leaving on vacation. We can help your loved ones feel comfortable and loved when you are away. 

Our experienced and trained Nannies/Caregivers are always available 24/7. (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

How we screen our candidates
  • Our candidates are interviewed in person or through the telephone by our trained placement coordinators in which skill-testing and situational questions are modelled and a thorough behavioral interview is conducted

  • Our placement coordinators check past work experience and individual character in detail.

  • Heritage Nanny interviews emphasis on assessing common sense, a true desire to work with children or the elderly and with honesty.

  • References are personally checked by our Placement coordinators, employment history and job responsibilities/duties.

  • These interviews are a vital part of guaranteeing the best possible match for you and your family.

  • Only one in ten applicants pass the severe screening and become a Heritage Nanny quality applicant that we are pleased to represent​

On Call Nannies/Caregivers Rates 

 $15 - $30 per hour depending on experience.

  • Care for up to 4 children.

  • Six-hour minimum per booking. 

  • 5 days minimum booking notice required.

In addition to the on call hourly rate (agency fees applies).

Silver Package

  • ​​One time booking​

Gold Package

  • 7 bookings per year


Diamond  Package 

  • Unlimited bookings! 

Others Services
$3.89/Hour Extra for the following
  • Additional child

  • Hours past midnight

  • Bookings on statutory holidays


  • After 8.80 hours the rate is 1.5 extra per hour

Double Rates

  • Christmas Day & New Year's Eve

Cancellation Policy
Agency fees – Clients will receive a credit towards their next booking if the booking is cancelled after a nanny had been confirmed. The booking fee is non refundable.
Nanny fees – A 5 hour cancellation fee will automatically be charged to the clients credit card for all booking canceled with less than 24 hours notification.

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