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For Nanny/Caregiver

If you’re looking for job as a live-in nanny/caregiver, live-out nanny/caregiver, full time nanny/caregiver, part time nanny/caregiver, babysitter, elderly caregiver, housekeeper, please send us your resume today.

A nanny/caregiver cares for children/elder in their home, providing them with meals, care and daily activities including light housekeeping. The nanny/caregiver may live in or out of the house depending on their circumstances and those of their employers. Nannies are required to have a certificate in first Aid/CPR, child/elder care experience or related education/training.


Nannies Requirements 
  • 19 years or older

  • Submit First Aid/CPR certification or training 

  • Childcare resume with 6-12 months experience (minimum)

  • Eldercare resume with 6-12 months experience (minimum)

  • Two childcare/elder care reference letters with direct contact information

  • Driving record (if required)​