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HIRING A NANNY step by step 

Step one determine your family needs:

Heritage Nanny will need to determine your family needs.

  • What are your working hours? How many children do you have? Do you need a nanny who can drive and own a car? Do you require housekeeping? We ask you the right questions so you get the right and perfect match for your family.

​Step two review nannies/caregivers profiles:

Get to know our pre-interviewed nannies/caregivers. Our nannies/caregivers are not only childcare/elderly care providers, but majority of them have worked as teachers, nurses, special needs professional, and elderly care specialists. Heritage Nanny finds nanny/caregivers with great personalities, skills and interests that can click and match with you. Please contact us today to review our nannies/caregivers profiles and we could help you match those who fit your family needs.

Step three meet our nannies/caregivers:

We'll setup interviews so your family gets to meet the nanny before you hire (this applies to nannies located in the city of employment - we also recommend Skype interviews). To get started with Heritage Nanny, our consultant will provide you with a list of questions for you to complete.

Step four make an offer:

Have you found the right nanny/caregiver for your family needs? Once you have reached a decision of employing the nanny/caregiver, we will notify the nanny about your employment offer. 

Step five we can handle all paper work:

For live in nannies/caregivers requiring a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), we can help you complete all paper work if required. We can complete all of your required paperwork and get the official steps started to hire your nanny/caregiver through the Live in nanny/caregiver program. We will require the employer to review, sign and send the documents back to us via fax or email.

Step six get updated:

We’ll keep you updated with the process. 

Step seven welcome your nanny/caregiver:

Introduce your new nanny/caregiver to all members of your families and friends. We’ll provide you with all information needed to get started.

Step eight stay connected with us:
If you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call or email us. We sincerely care about our clients and nannies/caregivers – so we’ll be sure to keep in touch occasionally to see how your family and the nanny/caregiver is doing.


Tell us where you live, and we'll give you profiles of nannies /caregivers nearby.


We use your criteria to help you find the perfect nanny/caregiver for your loved ones.

How it works



We make it easy to find the perfect nanny/caregiver for your family. Before we post/send a nanny's/caregiver's profile on our site, we:


  • Review their resumes

  • Require at least two positive references

  • Ensure that each nanny/caregiver has at least 6-12 months of experience or education/training.

We aim to match each family to the perfect childcare/elder care professional. When you can't be with your kid/elder, we'll find a local nanny/caregiver to provide the highest level of care possible. You can be rest assured that any nanny/caregiver you select from us is trustworthy, caring, and experienced. To get started, simply enter your location and the criteria for your ideal nanny/caregiver, and we'll handle the rest.