Child care for special events                       We're what you do with the kids!   

Planning an upcoming event? Wedding? Reception? Conference? Convention? Party?

We provide a unique child care solution for your guests and attendees. Heritage Nanny's high quality

childcare services allow your attendees to focus on the subjects and topics at hand with the assurance

their children are safe, secure, and having fun.

Heritage Nanny has done many events and can handle 20+ children. We are a full service agency and 

all you need to provide is a room (or tent for outdoor events) and tables/chairs. We will bring arts and

crafts, toys, books and games!

Our professional caregivers/nannies prepare many details make insure all the kids needs are met.

Each provider brings with them one of our babysitter bags chock full of cool things to play with.

Our child care providers have been trained to ensure a high quality service.

  • Event childcare services
  • Event nanny/caregivers

Conference and Event Nanny Service

We offer a specialized service for when you need to provide optimum child care services at trade shows, conferences,

conventions, weddings, group event, corporate events and social events. Our onsite group childcare services coordinate

a quality protective environment. Our providers are all fully orientated to work in venues care is requested.

We offer:

  • Hotel Nanny Services
  • Wedding Nanny Services
  • Conference Childcare Services
  • Convention Childcare Services
  • Onsite and Special Occasion Babysitting

We're what you do with the kids!

Heritage Nanny provides professional on-site child care solutions by establishing a caring, fun, and safe environment for little ones of all ages during your special event! We arrive at your event equipped with toys, games, activities, arts, crafts, songs and more to keep the children. We also go on field trip if time permits. Parents, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and other adults can be focused on the event understanding that verified nannies/caregivers are watching their children safely nearby.

Heritage Nanny is a perfect childcare solution for your special event. Whether you require an onsite hotel nanny, wedding nanny, convention or conference nanny, Heritage Nanny "is what you do with the kids."


If you're not quite sure which of our event childcare services is right for you, then quickly fill out your details and we will get back to you with a free consultation.  Alternatively please contact our event coordinator, Jane, for more information or to book wedding or event childcare: info@heritagenanny.com