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​​Registration Fee

​​To get started with Heritage Nanny Services an initial registration and consultation ("The Discovery")- $199.00 (plus GST) is required (will be credited towards final invoice upon hire).

  • Full exploration of your goals (Family needs)

  • Comprehensive family needs assessment

  • Creation of a personalized job profile

  • How to Hire a Nanny/Caregiver Consultation ​



​​Note: $199 + first payroll service fee is charged to employers who would like to cancel their payroll account within the first six weeks of their payroll account set up.


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Fees & Costs
The first step in engaging our services is to make a commitment to HERITAGE NANNY.
As the top nanny agency in Alberta, we are the leaders in the industry and our services are in high demand. We provide an intensive, personalized, time sensitive service to our clients who value our relationship. By taking the first step, you can be confident that Heritage Nanny team will provide you with the service you demand. Let’s get started!

​Gross Monthly Wage for a Live in Nannies/caregivers vary from $2848 (under in-home caregiver program). 
Gross Monthly Wage for a Live out Nannies/caregivers vary from $1950 - $3500 (under in-home caregiver program). 

Gross Monthly Wage for a Live in/Live out Nannies/caregivers vary from $1950 - $3500   (not under the in-home caregiver program).

(Salary would depend on applicants experience, level of education and your location.)

Deductions for EI, CPP and income tax are taken from the gross monthly wage. 

​If the nanny is to be employed outside of the city limits, the employer is responsible for transportation (one way) to the location of employment.


Employers must meet and follow all provincial labor laws. 

Agency Guarantee:

The Agency guarantees the Client “Employer” its reasonable satisfaction with the services performed by the original Employee placed with the Client in the position recruited, for a period of

1. Priority Package: 90-Day Replacement Policy

2. Preferred Package: 180-Day Replacement Policy

3. Premier Package: 365-Day Replacement Policy